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Jack Week 23 100WC


Jack’s Story

Today I’m going to the underwater gig under the sea. I’m waiting in line with the other fish. As I swam in I was blinded by the lights.

I saw a white octopus playing the piano and a gentle shark strumming a red guitar. There was also A lobster playing a golden triangle. There was a springing sea snake singing Fireball, my favorite song.

Suddenly they started rocking out like crazy. When one crab got too crazy it threw a piece of coral at the sea snake and hit him in the head. Then all the fish were throwing coral everywhere. It got too crazy for me so I left.


  1. hi Jack
    i loved your story and i loved all the description that you put into it and how i just wanted to read more and more!!!!
    i hope you continue writing i would love to check out some more or your peace’s

    best wishes matilda

  2. hi jack really interesting story i love all the musical instrument I read it twice and you used all the words

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