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Matilda Week 25 100WC



At home my sister told a lie that was not true!!! I was mad, so mad I grabbed a shoe and accidentally hit mum’s favourite vase. ‘’Crash’’ “Oh no, not again”, I said. 

Mum came in and turned red, as red as a rasberry. ’’Sorry”, I said. She looked mad. I tried to sneak away but she yelled ‘’GET BACK OVER HERE’’. I was scared so I slowly walked over to her. Mum looked the maddest I have ever seen! She yelled so loud the next door neighbors went out for a walk to town. As she yelled I tried to yell over her and finally I did. I told her that the next door neighbors went out for a walk sorry ‘’but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard ok mum’’ ‘’OK she yelled’’ ’’MUM I Said’’ ‘’what she yelled’’ and I said ‘’stop yelling’’mum said ‘’ok’’

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