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Emily Week 28 100 WC


The Day I Will Remember

Today I am going to plant a special rose garden for my mum. As I was planting the blue fragrant flowers, I felt the Earth move under my skinny feet. It got worse and worse. I gazed into the distance; it was moving too.

I heard a crack behind me I snapped around to see what happened. I saw my house, it looked like a crazy moving hip hop dancer. I was terrified I had not seen anything like it.

The building shook and then I shouted, “Mum the house is shaking”. I shouted again she did not answer. “I am coming in”, I shouted.

It felt weirder inside. I screamed “MUM!!”. I found her in the pantry. I said, puffing, “Mum, are you ok?” “Yes”, said mum. “What is this?”, said Molly. “It is an Earthquake”, mum said. It stopped shaking. I said, relieved, “Lets clean up”.


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