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Harry 5 Sentence Challenge Prompt 10


Once I lived in a town named Jillville named after a mayor who was called Mary. One nice morning I went for a walk . I was saying what a beautiful it was . Suddenly in city hall I saw a monster came out . I was the only one not running away .


  1. Wow Harry! What exciting sentences! I would love to know what happened next. I think it is the way you used ‘suddenly’ that makes it so exciting. You are brave not running away. Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading more.

  2. Hello Harry!
    This is quite a story!
    I’m not sure where the name for the town came from if the mayor was called Mary.
    Were you seeing the picture to help you with your sentences?
    It is lovely to see your writing being shared on 5SC.
    Keep it up!

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